OPTIMISM #3 - April 6, 2020

Hello Clients and Friends,

Sometimes there is wisdom in denial.  When your investment account statements arrive in the mail, consider not opening them. 

Maybe write ‘ do not open until September 30th on it, or something like that, and file it away.

It is not a true representation of the value of your investment accounts.

The opposite happens as well sometimes. 

The Ferrari 250 GT is the most valuable care in the world and continues to set new records. 

A bright red racing car with blank, square white numbmer patches, on a white showroom platform

Here is what Wikipedia says:

When new, the 250 GTO cost $18,000 in the United States, with buyers personally approved by Enzo Ferrari and his dealer for North America, this model has since become highly desired by automobile collectors and sales have repeatedly set price records. The current record for world's most expensive car was set in June 2018 when a 1963 250 GTO (chassis 4153GT) was sold in a private sale for $70 million.

Here is the full link:


What would you rather have?  70 million US$ or that car?  I know what I would choose.

It has been a fantastic year so far for not only dividends paid, but dividend increases. 

Keep your eyes on this income and the share prices will eventually take care of themselves.

January dividend updates:

1.Metro Inc. (TSE:MRU) - 12.5% Dividend Increase

2.Atco Ltd. (TSE:ACO.X) - 7.5% Dividend Increase

3.Canadian National Railway (TSE:CNR) - 7.0% Dividend Increase

4.Exco Technologies Ltd (TSE:XTC) - 5.6% Dividend Increase

5.Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (TSE:RCH) - 5.4% Dividend Increase

6.Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (TSE:BEP.UN) - 5.3% Dividend Increase

7.Pembina Pipeline (TSE:PPL) - 5.0% Dividend Increase

8.Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (TSE:AP.UN) - 3.1% Dividend Increase

9.Canadian Utilities Ltd. (TSE:CU) - 3.0% Dividend Increase


1.Intact Financial increased dividends by 9.21% to $0.83 per share.

2.BPY increased dividends by 0.75% to $0.3325 per share.

3.Suncor increased dividends by 11% to $0.465 per share.

4.BCE increased dividends by 5% to $0.8325 per share.

5.Manulife increased dividends by 12% to $0.28 per share.

6.TC Energy increased dividends by 8% to $0.81 per share.

7.PepsiCo increased dividends by 7.07% to $1.0225 per share.

8.Walmart increased dividends by 1.9% to $0.54 per share.

9.Royal Bank increased dividends by 2.9% to $1.08 per share.

10. Magna International increased dividends by 10% to $0.40 per share.

11. Coca-Cola increased dividends by 2.5% to $0.41 per share.

12. Waste Management increased dividends by 6.3% to $0.544 per share.

13. CIBC increased dividends by 1.4% to $1.46 per share.

14. TD increased dividends by 7% to $0.79 per share.


1.Quebecor Inc. (TSE:QBR.B) - 77.8% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 5 years, Yield: 2.6%]

2.Enghouse Systems Limited (TSE:ENGH) - 22.7% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 13 years, Yield: 1.2%]

3.Canadian Natural Resources (TSE:CNQ) - 13.3% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 19 years, Yield: 8.8%]

4.Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (TSE:ATD.B) - 12.0% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 10 years, Yield: 0.8%]

5.Power Corporation of Canada (TSE:POW) - 10.5% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 5 years, Yield: 7.9%]

6.Premium Brands Holdings Corp (TSE:PBH) - 10.0% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 7 years, Yield: 3.2%]

7.Stella-Jones Inc. (TSE:SJ) - 7.1% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 15 years, Yield: 2.0%]

8.Chartwell Retirement Residences (TSE:CSH.UN) - 2.0% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 5 years, Yield: 6.8%]

9.Parkland Fuel Corporation (TSE:PKI) - 1.7% Dividend Increase - [Dividend Streak: 7 years,
Yield: 4.9%]

Remain positive, the market is having a great day today.

And gently lean on your Portfolio Manager to buy more at great prices.

Stay healthy and have a super week,

Derek Moran R.F.P.