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Meet Derek Moran

Derek is a Fee For Service Financial Planner based in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia. As a University of British Columbia graduate, former CFP,  and Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.) , he has close to three decades of experience in the financial industry.

He’s an expert in his field and was awarded Advisor of the Year in 2004.  He has contributed nearly one thousand times, over twenty years to reputable publications such as The Globe and Mail and National Post.

While Derek doesn’t directly manage client investments, he offers advice, empowering his clients to make well-informed decisions.  Upon request, he can connect clients with the most suitable Portfolio Managers or equip them with resources to manage their own effectively. 

Derek Moran's expertise extends across various financial matters, including pensions, insurance, retirement planning, tax strategies, estate planning, cashflow management and more. Derek is dedicated to delivering comprehensive, client-centric financial solutions to a diverse clientele.

I think the best thing that has happened to me this year has been the contact with you. Best Thing This Year
It was really wonderful working with you and appreciate the time given in going through our financials and coming up with good suggestions and ideas for our future retirement. You have given us food for thought and will definitely give you a call if we need to discuss our financial concerns in the future. If any of our family or friends are in need of financial advice I am only be too happy to pass your information on to them. Food For Thought
We just want to thank you for all the great advice you've given us over the years, thank goodness we started putting away chunks of money when we did. Great Advice
Hi to All, I wanted to thank you all again as your guidance and recommendations have provided Sue and I with the insight and courage to take the next steps. A brief update as follows: 1. The (recommended) investments have all delivered above average results 2. None of the former investments remain 3. S. will be retiring from her employer at the end of February plus a 1 year salary package (no pension) 4. My last day of employment will be April 30 Travel plans consume much of our thoughts but as our daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in May we will be in Calgary for a (short) while. Next Steps are Working
I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the opportunity to have you have a look at our situation and for the good advice you have given us. It’s been a bit scary as you can appreciate but going through our finances critically and logically with you to develop a plan to deal with our circumstances has given us some peace of mind. It all seems so clear when you read the piece - the clarity of your writing also helped us understand more fully what we can do. Again, thanks so much - you have been wonderful to work with. Clarity