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Many thanks for the patient and respectful manner with which you are coaching us. I know you were repeating many of the points you had already made, but the repetition is helpful. We are dealing with some short term memory issues which can make the decision making a bit cumbersome. Yes, we have been through the mill with this insurance decision. Thank you for helping to guide us away from the annuity and for your thorough investigation of the alternatives. It feels much more comforting to commit to a decision knowing we have had your input. Patience, Respect, and Memory
It’s been great working with you so far and the process seems much less intimidating than I had anticipated. Less Intimidating
I just wanted to let you know that we took your advice and bought and moved to a new house in the same neighborhood (instead of doing the big renovation on the old house). It has now been 1 year and it is very clear to me that, doing the math, moving was by far the cheaper (not mention less stressful) choice. I estimate the reno approach would have at least two times more expensive. Thanks again. Great advice
Thank you for a very useful consultation. Useful Consultation
I think the best thing that has happened to me this year has been the contact with you. Best Thing This Year