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It dawns on me that I have come from a place of hating the whole investing thing finding it confusing with little success to now when I find it interesting and something I like doing. As of late a well paying hobby if you will. I owe so much of this to you Derek, thank you for showing me the way. When I reflect on it there is so much stuff out there of contradictory information is it any wonder it is confusing. You my friend have been an inspiration, rock and beacon. I know I have paid you tribute before but I believe it important because it represents the financial well being of not only myself but my family also and I am grateful. Your integrity, passion, positivity and selflessness is admirable. Thank you for showing me the way
Its been a rather brutal week in the markets and I cringe to think how badly we would have been hurt had you not steered us towards greater diversification and into a more conservative group of funds. We have been with Bruce for 6 months now and to date are very pleased with the chosen portfolio. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with them. I expect we will want to meet with you again in early 2008 to finalize retirement plans, don't see much need until then as we will just be holding the course. Really enjoying the sports car. Hope you have a great summer. Thanks for your good advice. Towards Greater Diversification
You have no idea how happy we are, especially me, with our plan! It's easy to follow and very motivating. Motivating
I was able to decrease the house insurance for my Victoria home by 35%, thank you for directing me to TD Insurance Meloche Monnex. I was able to decrease the house insurance
I thank you for sorting out my money dilemmas and for emphasizing that I need to get to know my money managers and use those who are Chartered Financial Advisors as they are more likely to take their fiduciary responsibility to their clients seriously; I enjoyed meeting you and the other financial advisor whom you sent me to see. It is a pity that I did not meet someone like you 30 years ago. Thanks for all your help, Fiduciary Responsibility