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Smarter Financial Planning brings individual clients a valuable up-to-date and ongoing understanding of the complex and ever-changing rules and trends within the financial world. Our Fee-for-Service based approach can help you reach your goals on time.

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the opportunity to have you have a look at our situation and for the good advice you have given us. It’s been a bit scary as you can appreciate but going through our finances critically and logically with you to develop a plan to deal with our circumstances has given us some peace of mind. It all seems so clear when you read the piece - the clarity of your writing also helped us understand more fully what we can do. Again, thanks so much - you have been wonderful to work with. Clarity
It dawns on me that I have come from a place of hating the whole investing thing finding it confusing with little success to now when I find it interesting and something I like doing. As of late a well paying hobby if you will. I owe so much of this to you Derek, thank you for showing me the way. When I reflect on it there is so much stuff out there of contradictory information is it any wonder it is confusing. You my friend have been an inspiration, rock and beacon. I know I have paid you tribute before but I believe it important because it represents the financial well being of not only myself but my family also and I am grateful. Your integrity, passion, positivity and selflessness is admirable. Thank you for showing me the way
I was happy to refer S.M. You helped me a lot and certainly in light of the craziness of the past two months in the economy, I owe you even more thanks! It has given me peace of mind to know that I have done/am doing what I can. By the way, I did meet Andrew Allentuck for coffee in Winnipeg, very enjoyable! Take care, and all the best in the New Year! Crazy Economy
Thanks again! It has been a real pleasure and we are delighted that we happened upon you! Just what I was looking for . J & S Nova Scotia
This week we went over $1M. When we came to you, I was very worried we’d never have enough income to retire. We certainly never thought we’d become “millionaires” especially since we had - maybe? - $400K (I think it was actually closer to $365K) when we first came to see you for advice and help. We will be forever thankful! I was wrong about the value of our investments