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Smarter Financial Planning brings individual clients a valuable up-to-date and ongoing understanding of the complex and ever-changing rules and trends within the financial world. Our Fee-for-Service based approach can help you reach your goals on time.

Thank you again for all of your insight and advice. Our financial and emotional outlook has improved drastically thanks to you. Insight and Advice
In today’s Globe and Mail special Investment Fund addition; I read with great interest an article by Carol Lynde, President and COO of Bridgehouse Asset Managers. She talks about the 6 key adviser characteristics as they apply to their clients: character, chemistry, caring, competency, cost effective, consultative; and she elaborates a little on each one. Just wanted to let you know that in our eyes, you rate a 10/10 on each one and we feel very fortunate to have you looking after our finances. Key Characteristics
Thank you for a very useful consultation. Useful Consultation
I was happy to refer S.M. You helped me a lot and certainly in light of the craziness of the past two months in the economy, I owe you even more thanks! It has given me peace of mind to know that I have done/am doing what I can. By the way, I did meet Andrew Allentuck for coffee in Winnipeg, very enjoyable! Take care, and all the best in the New Year! Crazy Economy
It was really wonderful working with you and appreciate the time given in going through our financials and coming up with good suggestions and ideas for our future retirement. You have given us food for thought and will definitely give you a call if we need to discuss our financial concerns in the future. If any of our family or friends are in need of financial advice I am only be too happy to pass your information on to them. Food For Thought