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Smarter Financial Planning brings individual clients a valuable up-to-date and ongoing understanding of the complex and ever-changing rules and trends within the financial world. Our Fee-for-Service based approach can help you reach your goals on time.

It was so nice seeing you today, and I really appreciate your help and advice, as always. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the proceeds from my house sale, and am a lot more confident now. I am always so glad to talk to you. I'm glad you don't think I'm nuts to keep a fair bit of ready cash in my bank account, but I will move it to a savings account. I trust you implicitly and am so grateful that you are there for me to lean on. You are my rock. Besides, I really enjoy your company. Implicit Trust
He is very good at his craft - wise, imaginative, and well informed. He has done scores of cases for Facelift and is an advisor whose counsel I would not hesitate to take. Andrew Allentuck, Globe and Mail
I want to offer once more my thanks for the wonderful things you do for Facelift and, as well, the kindness and wisdom you radiate when we speak. You are a person of exceptional insight and a planner with that rarest of qualities - imagination. And you can tell 'em I said so. Financial Planner with Exceptional Insight
Thanks very much for today's telephone conversation. I know we are not at the 'end' but even this was immensely helpful. I am not sure I like the fact that some of my less than desirable personality traits are so transparent -- you seemed to have picked them up all too easily - but I guess to be a financial planner you also need a degree in psychology because how we each deal with money is so much part of our personality. Personality and Financial Planning
Thank you for your suggestions so far. WOW someone who is actually acting like a financial planner. Incredible. I knew they existed, but ..... WOW