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In today’s Globe and Mail special Investment Fund addition; I read with great interest an article by Carol Lynde, President and COO of Bridgehouse Asset Managers. She talks about the 6 key adviser characteristics as they apply to their clients: character, chemistry, caring, competency, cost effective, consultative; and she elaborates a little on each one. Just wanted to let you know that in our eyes, you rate a 10/10 on each one and we feel very fortunate to have you looking after our finances. Key Characteristics
Thank you again for all of your insight and advice. Our financial and emotional outlook has improved drastically thanks to you. Insight and Advice
You recently received a letter from AON Consulting advising your firm was placed on the UBC Faculty Pension Plan List of approved Financial Planners. AON also advised that our office would send a communication package to you in the near future.... UBC Faculty Pension Plan Approved
I think talking with you gave K. and I confidence re our plans for the next couple of years...we needed your relaxed yet informed financial and common sense overview to feel comfortable with our immediate future and the decisions we are making. Common Sense
I am writing to thank you for the effort that you put into [my situation], and, more importantly for the insight that you gave me into some important financial issues. It has been a very beneficial and instructive exercise for me and very much appreciated. Important Insight