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I thank you for sorting out my money dilemmas and for emphasizing that I need to get to know my money managers and use those who are Chartered Financial Advisors as they are more likely to take their fiduciary responsibility to their clients seriously; I enjoyed meeting you and the other financial advisor whom you sent me to see. It is a pity that I did not meet someone like you 30 years ago. Thanks for all your help, Fiduciary Responsibility
I just wanted to let you know that we took your advice and bought and moved to a new house in the same neighborhood (instead of doing the big renovation on the old house). It has now been 1 year and it is very clear to me that, doing the math, moving was by far the cheaper (not mention less stressful) choice. I estimate the reno approach would have at least two times more expensive. Thanks again. Great advice
Thanks very much for today's telephone conversation. I know we are not at the 'end' but even this was immensely helpful. I am not sure I like the fact that some of my less than desirable personality traits are so transparent -- you seemed to have picked them up all too easily - but I guess to be a financial planner you also need a degree in psychology because how we each deal with money is so much part of our personality. Personality and Financial Planning
Thank you for a very useful consultation. Useful Consultation
It was really wonderful working with you and appreciate the time given in going through our financials and coming up with good suggestions and ideas for our future retirement. You have given us food for thought and will definitely give you a call if we need to discuss our financial concerns in the future. If any of our family or friends are in need of financial advice I am only be too happy to pass your information on to them. Food For Thought