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Smarter Financial Planning brings individual clients a valuable up-to-date and ongoing understanding of the complex and ever-changing rules and trends within the financial world. Our Fee-for-Service based approach can help you reach your goals on time.

Thank you again for all of your insight and advice. Our financial and emotional outlook has improved drastically thanks to you. Insight and Advice
Saw my boss this morning-she’s convinced I’ve had a facelift or botox as I glow and appear years younger apparently. I bet you didn’t know there were these side effects from investment counselling. Thought this would bring a smile to your face. Financial Botox
Heather and I would like to thank you both for the well written article in today's Globe. I can not stress enough how important it is to get the advise of a good financial planner. We plan on implementing all of the advice Mr.Moran has suggested. The future now appears to be a little rosier. Good Advice
My first foray into working with a professional financial planner was a disaster. He leveraged most of my net worth to buy into projects he had designed...which turned out to make more money for him than any of his clients. The fiasco that ensued almost ended in a group law suit. I lost a bundle. When I finally got the courage up (and enough capital back) to search again for help, you can bet I looked long, hard, and very carefully. I called everyone I knew and even people I didn't know, looking for someone who was squeaky clean ethical and trustworthy, user friendly, and with the creativity and chutzpah to work with a woman with big dreams who is single, self-employed, and still a little bruised. Derek Moran has all of that. He knows I am proactive and need to control my finances, and so he wisely chose to take on more of a coaching role in our working relationship. He frames my options within the bigger picture of the economy. He asks me really smart questions, and ensures that before I take the next step, I know for certain it is safe. Derek doesn't use all the technical jargon that many professionals get stuck in - you know, the stuff that can really intimidate you. Goodness knows, there can be enough "internal noise" around your money stuff without having the added problems of someone who talks over your head or talks down at you. He makes things easy to understand. He respects that his clients are different than him and that our definition of financial security and success is different, and he works with it...without judgement. Derek was one of my finds in 2005. Definitions of Success Vary
It was really wonderful working with you and appreciate the time given in going through our financials and coming up with good suggestions and ideas for our future retirement. You have given us food for thought and will definitely give you a call if we need to discuss our financial concerns in the future. If any of our family or friends are in need of financial advice I am only be too happy to pass your information on to them. Food For Thought