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If you only could have seen J’s face. Your work gave some much needed reassurance from QUALIFIED "neutral parties". We will be wearing out the printed version whenever we need a perk. Your original advice we have been reacting on and I am also trying to get better educated on how to handle the money. I personally thank you for your positive and informative advice. If only you could see how uplifting this experience has been to both of us. Positive and Informative Advice
You have no idea how happy we are, especially me, with our plan! It's easy to follow and very motivating. Motivating
Thanks again! It has been a real pleasure and we are delighted that we happened upon you! Just what I was looking for . J & S Nova Scotia
I was happy to refer S.M. You helped me a lot and certainly in light of the craziness of the past two months in the economy, I owe you even more thanks! It has given me peace of mind to know that I have done/am doing what I can. By the way, I did meet Andrew Allentuck for coffee in Winnipeg, very enjoyable! Take care, and all the best in the New Year! Crazy Economy
Many thanks for the patient and respectful manner with which you are coaching us. I know you were repeating many of the points you had already made, but the repetition is helpful. We are dealing with some short term memory issues which can make the decision making a bit cumbersome. Yes, we have been through the mill with this insurance decision. Thank you for helping to guide us away from the annuity and for your thorough investigation of the alternatives. It feels much more comforting to commit to a decision knowing we have had your input. Patience, Respect, and Memory