Our Expertise.

After writing hundreds, maybe more than a thousand financial plans, we need to rethink the concept of what a financial plan should be.

More and more, I prefer a process, not a document.
Reports are a guide at best, good until one detail changes, often moments after being printed.
Written plans are linear and sensitive to assumptions.  
Averages are helpful as guides but can be quite misleading.
Reality is rarely that simple.
In the end, projections make us feel good, but don’t pay the bills.

There is a learning curve to this stuff.
Planning your retirement means making decisions.
A process will allow you to take more time to weigh the issues, to truly understand them, a few at a time instead of all at once.
It will allow you to reconsider along the way.
As we age our perspectives change and our values evolve.
A good financial plan should anticipate those changes and subtly change with you.
While plans assume linear outcome, life is anything but.

A financial plan should help you understand the big picture.
It should remove stress.
We prefer to evolve with you, grow together and adapt to change as it unfolds.
We need to check in each year, at least once, to make sure no opportunities are missed.

The process route seems to cost less and yield better results.

For most people money is not the endgame.  It just pays the bills so you can focus on what's meaningful.

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