Getting Started

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Our Process

At the core of comprehensive financial planning, is the “Six-Step Process”:

1. Clarifying your present situation

The professional financial planner will gather all relevant financial information from you, such as details of assets and liabilities, income and expenses, tax returns, insurance policies, employment benefit and pension details and estate planning documents.

2. Identifying personal and financial goals and objectives

In order to provide appropriate recommendations to you, the planner must help you clarify your specific goals and objectives. Such goals may include retiring at age 55, buying a house, ensuring that your children’s education funding needs are met, or even taking that once in a lifetime trip.


3. Identifying financial problems and opportunities

With knowledge of both your personal goals and your current financial position, a professional financial planner can determine whether there are any impediments to reaching your goals. They will also identify opportunities that will allow you to meet your goals. For example, you may not be taking advantage of all the income tax deductions and credits available, or may have too much or too little insurance.


4. Providing written recommendations and alternative solutions, where appropriate;

The recommendations provided will be specific to your goals and will vary with the complexity of your individual circumstances. In some cases, alternative solutions may be included. The professional financial planner will meet with you to determine which recommendations you are comfortable implementing and who will be responsible for implementation.

5. Implementation

This is a key step to ensure that you reach your goals and objectives. Your financial planner may assist you with implementation, or refer you to other appropriate professionals.


6. Periodic review

Last but not least, your financial plan needs to be reviewed and revised periodically, in order to take into account changes in your personal circumstances or the economy. For most individuals, an annual review is appropriate.

How To Begin

  1. Complete our Information Form Personal Corporation Form or Trust Form (if applicable)  Click here to securely upload files.
  2. If your situation involves trusts or corporations, fill out separate forms for assets in each.
  3. If you would like to chat prior to deciding, don’t hesitate to call or email.

Our Fees

  • Our fees are clear and straightforward
  • We charge $250 per hour, plus GST
  • We ask that you commit to spending $500 to $700 + GST.  That will allow us to review your situation, make a list of questions and have a discussion, in person or by phone, usually 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Once we have a clear understanding of your situation, if necessary, we can suggest further options and what they might cost.
  • Fees are most often tax-deductible

Our Ideal Client

Who is Our Client?

Our client base is surprisingly diverse.  Many live outside of Canada.  More than half have never met us face to face, not even once. 

Regardless of residency, their wealth ranges from extremely high to very modest.  We work by the hour, so the cost is the same whether financially independent or in the process of becoming so.

What they have in common is the pursuit of objective information.  We  answer their questions as well as questions they don’t even know to ask.

Because of time restraints or other reasons, our clients often prefer to have us take responsibility for creating and managing their financial plans.

If this describes you, we would like to be your advisor.