1. Thank you for showing me the way

It dawns on me that I have come from a place of hating the whole investing thing finding it confusing with little success to now when I find it interesting and something I like doing. As of late a well paying hobby if you will. I owe so much of this to you Derek, thank you for showing me the way. When I reflect on it there is so much stuff out there of contradictory information is it any wonder it is confusing. You my friend have been an inspiration, rock and beacon. I know I have paid you tribute before but I believe it important because it represents the financial well being of not only myself but my family also and I am grateful. Your integrity, passion, positivity and selflessness is admirable. 


2. Definitions of Success Vary

My first foray into working with a professional financial planner was a disaster. He leveraged most of my net worth to buy into projects he had designed...which turned out to make more money for him than any of his clients. The fiasco that ensued almost ended in a group law suit. I lost a bundle.

When I finally got the courage up (and enough capital back) to search again for help, you can bet I looked long, hard, and very carefully. I called everyone I knew and even people I didn't know, looking for someone who was squeaky clean ethical and trustworthy, user friendly, and with the creativity and chutzpah to work with a woman with big dreams who is single, self-employed, and still a little bruised.

Derek Moran has all of that. He knows I am proactive and need to control my finances, and so he wisely chose to take on more of a coaching role in our working relationship. He frames my options within the bigger picture of the economy. He asks me really smart questions, and ensures that before I take the next step, I know for certain it is safe.

Derek doesn't use all the technical jargon that many professionals get stuck in - you know, the stuff that can really intimidate you. Goodness knows, there can be enough "internal noise" around your money stuff without having the added problems of someone who talks over your head or talks down at you. He makes things easy to understand.

He respects that his clients are different than him and that our definition of financial security and success is different, and he works with it...without judgement.

Derek was one of my finds in 2005.

Barbara Densmore

3. Life Changing Discussion


Thanks for the great information you gave me in our life-changing discussion, and thanks for the mortgage information.

Janet G.

4. Towards Greater Diversification


Its been a rather brutal week in the markets and I cringe to think how badly we would have been hurt had you not steered us towards greater diversification and into a more conservative group of funds. We have been with Bruce for 6 months now and to date are very pleased with the chosen portfolio.

I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with them. I expect we will want to meet with you again in early 2008 to finalize retirement plans, don't see much need until then as we will just be holding the course.

Really enjoying the sports car. Hope you have a great summer. Thanks for your good advice.

Dave B.

5. Family Referral

"I gave my son Ryan your name and number as well when he asked, after my wife and I expressed our complete satisfaction with your services."


6. UBC Faculty Pension Plan Approved

Dear Mr. Moran, R.F.P.,

You recently received a letter from AON Consulting advising your firm was placed on the UBC Faculty Pension Plan List of approved Financial Planners. AON also advised that our office would send a communication package to you in the near future....

Jim Loughlean, Member Services Specialist

7. Andrew Allentuck, Globe and Mail

He is very good at his craft - wise, imaginative, and well informed. He has done scores of cases for Facelift and is an advisor whose counsel I would not hesitate to take.

Andrew Allentuck
The Globe and Mail

8. Personality and Financial Planning


Thanks very much for today's telephone conversation. I know we are not at the 'end' but even this was immensely helpful. I am not sure I like the fact that some of my less than desirable personality traits are so transparent -- you seemed to have picked them up all too easily - but I guess to be a financial planner you also need a degree in psychology because how we each deal with money is so much part of our personality.


9. Patience, Respect, and Memory


Many thanks for the patient and respectful manner with which you are coaching us. I know you were repeating many of the points you had already made, but the repetition is helpful. We are dealing with some short term memory issues which can make the decision making a bit cumbersome. Yes, we have been through the mill with this insurance decision. Thank you for helping to guide us away from the annuity and for your thorough investigation of the alternatives. It feels much more comforting to commit to a decision knowing we have had your input.


10. The Best Money I Ever Spent

Hello Derek,

As I watch the goings-on in the US, I am increasingly more thankful that you gave me the advice that you did and that I followed your advice...and rest assured I tell everyone about you! The options I thought I had at the time and then they sent me you and you made perfect sense and it felt just right, finally....best money I ever spent :))))

Grace fom Ottawa

11. Great advice


I just wanted to let you know that we took your advice and bought and moved to a new house in the same neighborhood (instead of doing the big renovation on the old house).
It has now been 1 year and it is very clear to me that, doing the math, moving was by far the cheaper (not mention less stressful) choice.
I estimate the reno approach would have at least two times more expensive. Thanks again.

Hope all is well with you.

Dr. Rob (Calgary)

12. Common Sense


I think talking with you gave K. and I confidence re our plans for the next couple of years...we needed your relaxed yet informed financial and common sense overview to feel comfortable with our immediate future and the decisions we are making.

S & K, Ottawa

13. Crazy Economy

Hi Derek,

I was happy to refer S.M. You helped me a lot and certainly in light of the craziness of the past two months in the economy, I owe you even more thanks! It has given me peace of mind to know that I have done/am doing what I can. By the way, I did meet Andrew Allentuck for coffee in Winnipeg, very enjoyable! Take care, and all the best in the New Year!

Regards, S.W.

14. Good Advice

Heather and I would like to thank you both for the well written article in today's Globe. I can not stress enough how important it is to get the advise of a good financial planner. We plan on implementing all of the advice Mr.Moran has suggested. The future now appears to be a little rosier.

Sincerely Yours,
The E. Family

15. Making Money

Thanks Derek. It was great having a meeting with you. I felt like you were making money for me as we talked.

Ella K., Kelowna

16. Clarity

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the opportunity to have you have a look at our situation and for the good advice you have given us. It’s been a bit scary as you can appreciate but going through our finances critically and logically with you to develop a plan to deal with our circumstances has given us some peace of mind. It all seems so clear when you read the piece - the clarity of your writing also helped us understand more fully what we can do. Again, thanks so much - you have been wonderful to work with.


17. Fiduciary Responsibility

I thank you for sorting out my money dilemmas and for emphasizing that I need to get to know my money managers and use those who are Chartered Financial Advisors as they are more likely to take their fiduciary responsibility to their clients seriously; I enjoyed meeting you and the other financial advisor whom you sent me to see. It is a pity that I did not meet someone like you 30 years ago. Thanks for all your help,

Dr. Tony R, Vancouver B.C.

18. Positive and Informative Advice

If you only could have seen J’s face. Your work gave some much needed reassurance from QUALIFIED "neutral parties". We will be wearing out the printed version whenever we need a perk. Your original advice we have been reacting on and I am also trying to get better educated on how to handle the money. I personally thank you for your positive and informative advice. If only you could see how uplifting this experience has been to both of us.

E & J, Ontario

19. Useful Consultation

Thank you for a very useful consultation.

J & L, Summerland, B.C.

21. A Quick Response

Hi Derek,

Thank you so very much for your quick response to our need and all the conversations. I feel the best way to thank you is to pass on your name to friends who have asked us how we reached our decision and are serious in finding out what retirement means to them.

Brenda and Glenn, West Kootenays, B.C.

22. Important Insight

I am writing to thank you for the effort that you put into [my situation], and, more importantly for the insight that you gave me into some important financial issues. It has been a very beneficial and instructive exercise for me and very much appreciated.

Bob, Ottawa

23. Less Intimidating

Dear Derek,

It’s been great working with you so far and the process seems much less intimidating than I had anticipated.

L.S. Kelowna

24. Financial Botox

Hi Derek:

Saw my boss this morning-she’s convinced I’ve had a facelift or botox as I glow and appear years younger apparently. I bet you didn’t know there were these side effects from investment counselling.
Thought this would bring a smile to your face.


25. Best Thing This Year

Hi Derek:

I think the best thing that has happened to me this year has been the contact with you.

MG, Ontario

26. Insight and Advice

Thank you again for all of your insight and advice. Our financial and emotional outlook has improved drastically thanks to you. D & U, Edmonton

27. Next Steps are Working

Hi to All, I wanted to thank you all again as your guidance and recommendations have provided Sue and I with the insight and courage to take the next steps. A brief update as follows: 1. The (recommended) investments have all delivered above average results 2. None of the former investments remain 3. S. will be retiring from her employer at the end of February plus a 1 year salary package (no pension) 4. My last day of employment will be April 30 Travel plans consume much of our thoughts but as our daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in May we will be in Calgary for a (short) while. Kind regards, I & S, Calgary

28. Implicit Trust

Hi Derek,

It was so nice seeing you today, and I really appreciate your help and advice, as always. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the proceeds from my house sale, and am a lot more confident now. I am always so glad to talk to you. I'm glad you don't think I'm nuts to keep a fair bit of ready cash in my bank account, but I will move it to a savings account.

I trust you implicitly and am so grateful that you are there for me to lean on. You are my rock. Besides, I really enjoy your company.

Thanks so much,

L.F., Kelowna

29. Motivating

Hi Derek,

You have no idea how happy we are, especially me, with our plan! It's easy to follow and very motivating.

C & I, Vancouver

30. Food For Thought

Hi Derek,

It was really wonderful working with you and appreciate the time given in going through our financials and coming up with good suggestions and ideas for our future retirement. You have given us food for thought and will definitely give you a call if we need to discuss our financial concerns in the future. If any of our family or friends are in need of financial advice I am only be too happy to pass your information on to them.

Thanks again,

M & I, Vancouver, B.C.

31. Wow

Hi Derek. Thank you for your suggestions so far. WOW someone who is actually acting like a financial planner. Incredible. I knew they existed, but .... Mike, Vancouver

32. Key Characteristics

Hi Derek. In today’s Globe and Mail special Investment Fund addition; I read with great interest an article by Carol Lynde, President and COO of Bridgehouse Asset Managers. She talks about the 6 key adviser characteristics as they apply to their clients: character, chemistry, caring, competency, cost effective, consultative; and she elaborates a little on each one. Just wanted to let you know that in our eyes, you rate a 10/10 on each one and we feel very fortunate to have you looking after our finances. Enjoy your weekend. B and M, Vancouver Island, B.C.

33. J&S Nova Scotia

Thanks again! It has been a real pleasure and we are delighted that we happened upon you! Just what I was looking for .

34. Key Characteristics

What can I say, you never sees to amaze me. S and I consider ourselves very blessed to have you as a friend and a professional advisor.
PS I hope I don’t sound like I am exaggerating, but that’s exactly how I feel.
Have a great week Derek,

35. Gift of Time

Thank you for your gift of time last week Derek.  Of all the things I am grateful to you for, talking to me forthrightly and 'straight up' is what I value most. 
I don't trust very many opinions in this world - yours I do and I feel so lucky and calm to know you are there when I need you.
Hope you have a good week and stay safe!

RM  Kelowna

36. I was able to decrease the house insurance

I was able to decrease the house insurance for my Victoria home by 35%, thank you for directing me to TD Insurance Meloche Monnex.
D&K, Kelowna

37. I was wrong about the value of our investments

This week we went over $1M. When we came to you, I was very worried we’d never have enough income to retire. We certainly never thought we’d become “millionaires” especially since we had - maybe? - $400K (I think it was actually closer to $365K) when we first came to see you for advice and help. We will be forever thankful! 
Mr. & Mrs. K, Kelowna

38. Portfolio Manager

Thanks Derek – you are such a great asset/help for me. I really appreciate your work and ideas (and you are a great communicator with the clients!).

Portfolio Manager

39. Financial Planner with Exceptional Insight

I want to offer once more my thanks for the wonderful things you do for Facelift and, as well, the kindness and wisdom you radiate when we speak. You are a person of exceptional insight and a planner with that rarest of qualities - imagination. And you can tell 'em I said so.

Andrew Allentuck,
  National Post Writer