OPTIMISM #14 - September 11, 2020

Hello clients and friends,

Another great week.  Many dark clouds in the media, but more positive stuff happening.

  1. September 1st. CFO Larry Froom bought $100,000 of H&R REIT.
  2. At Bank of Nova Scotia, Nacho Deschamps, group head of international banking, bought 3000 shares for $127,000 US$.
  3. At Tourmaline Oil, CEO and President Mike Rose bought 5000 more shares for $82,000 to bring his total to over 8.6 million shares. 
  4. At Cineplex, Phyllis Yaffe, former chair of the board, purchased 22,200 shares for $209,000.
  5. Pascal Tremblay, a Director at Stingray (internet radio) bought 100,000 shares for $520,000.
Last month I mentioned Heather Reismann, the CEO of Chapters/Indigo buying up her own stock for $1.35 a share.  To put in perspective how cheap that is look at this chart.  It was about 20$ a share in 2018.

I get all kinds of interesting dividend related emails but this one was particularly so.

In summary:

  1. Canadian dividend payers and growers have averaged a little over 10% rate of return over the last 42 years; non-dividend payers? 0.4%.
(Why a 42 year measure I don’t know)

  1.  Dividend payers and growers out-perform non-dividend payers and dividend payers/growers are less volatile than non-payers:
Here is a link to the full report.  Very interesting.


Happy Friday. Have a great weekend!