Optimism #34

Dear clients and friends,

Quarterly statements are out soon and I am sure you will be pleased.

It has been a wonderful 18 month run and company’s prices may have gotten a bit ahead of their earnings, so it’s a good time to be talking with your Portfolio Manager about rebalancing to your target asset mix.  No concern here , just risk management.

My beloved 86-year old father will not adopt a cell phone, so carrying a paper printout of his double vax certificate to show so he can pretty much anywhere, is less than ideal.  The UPS store here, and I am guessing where you live, will make laminated card sized copies for 2$.  Four copies for under 10$.  Beauty.  Instead of searching through our phones, we could benefit from having it so accessible.

My aunt sadly passed away at age 91.  In ‘the’ Will, her name is spelled incorrectly, so its arguably not hers.  Can you imagine?  No one bothered to read it.  It gets better.  The lawyer that drafted the Will and the executor have predeceased her.  They say life is funny.   If you have estate planning questions, we may be able to assist.

On that subject, an interesting article on Wills and our digital assets.


Dividend increases

September 29th, Fortis increased its dividend 5.9%. 

I suspect banks will be permitted to raise dividends this year as well. 

The article is full of jargon, but the bottom line is that Canadian banks delivered better results yet did not rise as much.  Since the article, prices are a up percent or two.

Analyst see buying opportunity in lagging Canadian bank stocks - The Globe and Mail

Good article in the Post about when to withdraw from different accounts:


Insiders buying – always good news …

Rashi Wasti, Executive VP and Chief Talent Officer at the George Weston group,  bought shares of Choice Properties REIT (the fund that owns all of the Loblaws / Superstore Real Estate)

Manfred Walt, independent trustee at Firm Capital, bought $105,000 worth of shares.

We have a new address and phone number, it’s below.

That is all for this edition. Happy October…