OPTIMISM #17 - October 15, 2020

Hello clients and friends,

Super article in the Globe today about Sherry Cooper, the former BMO Economist.  Her attitude towards investing mirrors ours.

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For non-subscribers, here are some great snippets.

Dividend stocks bring her peace of mind. “Because my goal is to build up a stream of dividends for retirement, I’m focused less on price fluctuations and more on dividend income,” she says. “I haven’t had any dividend cuts in 2020, so I’m happy with that.”

Within the dividend group, Ms. Cooper has a particular fondness for bank stocks.

Ms. Cooper knows the banking industry well and is quite aware that the Big Five have one of the longest records for paying dividends, starting with BMO in 1829. The worse that has happened since the Second World War is that dividend increases have been suspended in a few years.

There it is right there.  I like the underlying patience in her comments.  Have a great week.

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